Children of the Hasty Nobles.

The lands still bare scars from the wars fought long ago by forces long since disbanded. The scattered races, displaced from their ancestral home lands, have built new capital cities to call home. People of all races have built homes, villages, cities, and new capitals to be proud of but in the shadows lurk the dangers that first brought ruin to the world. As kingdoms and empires expand, more things are stirred from their dark holes to remind the goodly folk that they are not alone.

The Edlen Empire has formed from the city states surrounding the great lake Cordelia which provides life for everything inside the Teralyn mountain range. The Edlenians have formed their empire to finally ban together in defense against the roaming monsters that call the mountains home. While this new empire has brought great wealth and protection to its people, not everyone is happy with this new arrangement…

To the northwest, outside the Teralyn mountains lays the elven capital city of Lorelei. Deep inside the forest it has no fear of what lives on (or in) the mountain since the forest proves that it can defend itself. Things have taken a strange turn of late as caravans have gone missing… Has the forest turned on its inhabitants?

To the southeast, outside the Teralyn mountains, the great port city of Meredith has become the gateway to the entire continent. Its extensive harbor serves as the primary port of call for all ships who do not bare the Jolly Roger. Laying next to the riverways connecting lake Cordelia to the ocean, it is said that everything flows through Meredith. Its ruling council is comprised of some of richest and most powerful men in all the land including posh merchants and powerful guild leaders.

Across the ocean lies the kingdom of Hikya, controlling the entire northern half of its entire continent. The northern half features forests and grasslands that provide a comfortable life. While the southern half is home to endless deserts that are more than happy to swallow any careless traveler. Hikya kingdom has stood secure in its holdings for decades but conflict has been brewing both in the south and inside its own walls.

To the north is the great frozen tundra and muskegs that numerous nomadic tribes roam for food, shelter and honor. To survive in the north is to fully accept the motto “Fire is life”. For certain tribes, it is tradition to journey out into the horizon without any means of fire to return a man with the freshly severed head of some monstrosity. For a couple of tribes this proves even more challenging as some of the heads brought back are still alive…

Children of the Hasty Nobles

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